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Looking for an extensive, easy-to-use hotel phone system that does not break the bank? With 3CX you can have a hotel phone system that is optimized for internal and guest to front desk communication.
Save on costs and system management, optimize communication with the 3CX Hotel PBX.

Discover why 3CX is the best solution for you:

Low cost
Easy to manage
PMS Integration
Guaranteed guest satisfaction
Plan wake-up calls
Check-In / Check-Out procedure

A flexible, easy-to-manage phone system for less money

Finding a great hotel phone system that is also affordable is not easy. Unless you use the built-in Hotel PBX plugin in our 3CX phone system. Find out how 3CX will provide you with an extensive phone platform that is easy to use and manage, for a lower cost than usual.

  • Pay per license, not user. You only pay for what you use.
  • No expensive add-ons, the 3CX Hotel Module is included in their PRO & Enterprise package.
  • Use existing infrastructure & low-cost devices.
  • VoIP technology is cheaper than traditional analog phone systems.
  • For internal communication, use your 3CX app, browser app, or desktop app.
  • Plug & play with IP Phones, SIP trunks, and gateways.
  • Easily remove or add extensions.
  • Manage and configure your call flow with the user-friendly interface.

Integrate your PMS to guarantee guest satisfaction

Integrate 3CX with Protel at no extra cost to add a different level to your PMS software. The 3CX Hotel PBX will run in the background and triggers many functions from within the PMS software.

  • See the guest’s name on reception, room service, and management phones.
  • Check in and check out of guests via your PMS system or the 3CX WebClient.
  • Block external calls when a room is not occupied.
  • Allow housekeeping to set room status via the phone.
  • Schedule wake-up calls with the Wake-Up call service.
  • Set guest extensions to Do not Disturb.
  • Automate billing of the call costs.




Our 3CX phone system is hosted in an Azure machine. This means you don't need a physical phone system anymore.

Microsoft 365 integration

Does your company use Microsoft 365? 3CX gives you the option to integrate the Microsoft 365 platform with your phone system. Get the best out of both!

Call from different devices

Internal communication is key to a great customer service! Give your team the option to call from their cellphone, desktop, or a browser so internal communication is at its best.

Ideal for remote work

Your extension number follows you wherever you go. Working from the road, cleaning in a room or just on break, you will still be able to reach the people you want.

Know who is calling

Because of integrations with your PMS software or your CRM software, you will always be able to know who is calling.

Integrated call center

Discover the integrated call center and use call queues, recordings, callbacks, and even reports about the phone use of your rooms and team.


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