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protel’s cloud-based PMS helps hotels boost guest-experience. Less time on the keyboard equals more time for the guest. Simple! Seamless communication between departments? Check. Billing and invoicing functions to help keep track of every transaction?
That, and much more!

Discover the key Protel features and functionalities:

Reservations management
Inhouse management
Easy Check-in


Front Desk

Quick and easy access to key hotel functions such as check-in, check out, room plan, etc. is imperative to an intuitive front desk feature on any PMS (property management system). protel Air has optimised these features with the hotelier in mind.

  • Check guests in
  • Lookup a profile
  • Make a reservation
  • Change a guest’s room
  • Check a guest out

Hotel Reservations

A hotel reservation management system is a single source of truth for all of a hotel’s bookings and reservations. The most important feature for a hotel reservation system is that it must be a safe and secure centralized hub where all information related to bookings can be stored and then retrieved on demand when the hotel requires it.

  • Easy interface and booking process
  • Effortless payment procedure
  • Information organized logically
  • Toggle between Checked in, No Show, Mobile Check-In and loads of others with a single click
  • Advanced search feature with voice to text

Reporting and Analytics

protel Air has over 60 different reports and multiple different ways to analyze that data. With protel Air, you can customize all your reports into lists that are useful to you and your specific hotel.

  • More than 60 different reports
  • Fully customizable
  • Specialty reporting for MICE
  • Easy to read and analyze



Billing and Invoicing

Billing and Invoicing systems come in all shapes and sizes and because of the unique challenges one faces in the hospitality industry, it is vital that a tailor-made cashiering system is used alongside the PMS.

  • One-click access to post charges, print invoices, and make payments
  • Currency exchange and exchange-rate features
  • Invoice generation and history
  • Quick post function for guests, non-stay guests, or passerby’s
  • Accounts receivable for incoming payments


Housekeeping is often hailed as the most vital department, and it is important to get your systems working smoothly because the faster those rooms are marked “clean”, the faster they can be sold.

  • Dashboard with vital information
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Colour coded – for ease of reference
  • Attendant sheets – to quickly draw up work rosters
  • Lost and found

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Hotel Maintenance

Hotel Maintenance systems are in place to reduce equipment failure, save money on parts and supplies, boost maintenance productivity, ensure timely delivery of maintenance, and extend the lifetime of assets.

  • Comprehensive maintenance schedule
  • Prioritization tool
  • Actual vs estimated cost analysis
  • Ticketing system
  • Job time tracker



ID and Passport Scanner

Make your hotel more efficient by integrating a Hotel ID and Passport Scanner. It allows you to capture guests’ details fast, efficiently and accurately with no physical contact or document exchange of any kind.

  • Effortlessly scans multiple passports and ID’s
  • Contactless technology for improved hygiene
  • Eliminates transcribing errors
  • Improved safety: The identity document never leaves the guest’s hands
  • Eliminates the need for copies and storage

Digital Registration Cards

The standard issues of any front office are slow check-ins with long queues and seemingly endless boxes of filed registration cards. Hotels can now eliminate all these issues and have more efficient check-ins, with minimal errors on guest profiles and at a reduced cost as no pens or paper are required. Hotels that want to be able to effortlessly capture and store confidential guest information now have a simple, affordable and genuinely useful app that can do all of this for them. And it’s contactless!

  • Fast and efficient check-ins: Directly communicates guest data with your protel PMS
  • Reduces contact between staff and guests. No handing over of pens, paper, and documents.
  • Safely and securely stores all necessary documents electronically
  • Enables your hotel to be economically and environmentally responsible

Protel Voyager

protel Voyager is a mobile travel application for guests. It allows hotels to deliver a personalized service that is contextually relevant throughout their guests’ hotel experience.

protel’s Voyager browser app offers your guests all the information they need—whenever they need it:

  • Reservation details and pre-check-in extras
  • Hotel information and direct communication
  • Simplified check-in
  • Room service, specials, and more upselling tools
  • All invoices at a glance
  • Check-out made easy
  • No installation required
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We all want a safe and secure platform so our important data and personal information of our customers is safe. This is how Protel Air protects your data:

  • Hosted on “Amazon Web Services” conforming with all regulations, standards, and best practices.
  • All data is transferred via Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), or a protected domain.
  • Fully compliant with the GDPR regulations in our country.
  • Data integrity and confidentiality are top-of-mind.
  • Reducing the risk of data breaches with the use of tokens
  • Improved information protection by protecting against data breaches.